I think two things in particular have led to my love of jewellery and mixing precious metals. 

Growing up my Mum had the most amazing collection of beautiful rings. She had so many she would wear them on every finger and stack them up. I loved to try them on my little fingers and a ring obsession was born. 

Then when I was 13 my Grandpa died and my Mum took me and my sisters to a gorgeous little jewellers that was full to the brim with all sorts of precious things. We were allowed to choose something in memory of my Grandpa and when I saw a yellow gold bangle with tiny white and rose gold bricks all around the centre I instantly fell in love with it. A few of the bricks are missing now but I still wear it to this day.

I love to make pieces that can be stacked or mixed up, with a running theme of mixing metals.

For my main collection I use a mix of different colour and carat recycled golds with sterling silver.

I can make bespoke items and wedding bands in any combination of white/rose and yellow golds. Please see my ‘Wedding & Bespoke’ section for examples.

I did my degree in photography and went on to study silversmithing for 4 years part time whilst working in film, fashion and portrait photography.

Thanks for looking, Jo x